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Viata si vremurile lui Michael K Viata pare sa fi intrat pe un fagas lipsit de suferinta, dar si de bucurie, pentru Michael K, un barbat de culoare din Cape Town Orfan de tata, petrecandu si copilaria stigmatizata departe de mama, in camine si centre de reeducare, tanarul devine gradinar in slujba consiliului local Nimic nu pare sa i tulbure traiul monoton, pana in clipa cand mama sa, grav bolnava, ia hotararea de a se intoarce in tinuturile natale, unde doreste sa si sfarseasca zilele, departe de orasul sfasiat de un raboi civil care nu este al lor si pe care nu il inteleg, dar ale carui consecinte le afecteaza in mod direct vietile Urcandu si mama si putina avutie intr un carucior improvizat, Michael K incepe o adevarata odisee printr o lume care si poarta la vedere cicatricile mereu reinnoite ale unei istorii tragice Drumul catre Prince Albert, acolo unde se sfarseste viata mamei sale, e plin de violenta, foame, pericole, ocolisuri, ascunzatori, soldati fanatici sau dezertori Povestea lui Michael K este insa una a supravietuirii lipsite de iluzii, spusa in stilul alb, plin de forta, care l a consacrat pe JM Coetzee

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  1. Lizzy Lizzy says:

    Just a few words, a first stepLife and Times of Michael K completely lived up to what I expected from J.M Coetzee, after having been overwhelmed by his Disgrace It is muchthan the slow thinking Michael K It is about his inner strenght and his search for survival, in a world in

  2. Dolors Dolors says:

    Three allegoric movements compose this symphonic tale, whose inert melody is inwardly repeated in a concentric canon of voices where character, writer and reader create a fused metanarration alternating rhythms of disquiet, frigidity and discomfort.It all starts with bafflement.Mic

  3. Samadrita Samadrita says:

    Ask me to pronounce verdict on a work of literature flaunting mere self indulgent wordplay, revelling in its own brand of avant gardism, which stops short of making a powerful statement on our troubled times, and my response to it is likely to be lukewarm Ask me to judge a book dissect

  4. Vit Babenco Vit Babenco says:

    Is life a journey And how to survive when the entire world seems to turn against you His first step was to hollow out the sides of the crevice till it was wider at the bottom than the top, and to flatten the gravel bed The narrower end he blocked with a heap of stones Then he laid the thre

  5. David David says:

    This review dedicated to Ya Boy I ma sip this, you do the rest The Community of Misery Misery loves company I ve always kind of really hated that expression because rightly or not I ve usually deciphered the unsettling subtext whenever it s employed i.e., that people experiencing misfortunes o

  6. Glenn Sumi Glenn Sumi says:

    During a civil war in South Africa, Michael K., a simple man born with a harelip, tries to get help for his sick mother then, after she dies, he attempts to take her ashes to the farm where she grew up.There s something powerful yet elusive about this short novel by Nobel laureate J.M Coetzee As i

  7. Steven Godin Steven Godin says:

    Like Disgrace and Waiting for the Barbarians, Life and Times of Michael K certainly left it s mark on me, and of the three, I d say it was the most intriguing However, overall, I still think the other two were the better novels, as its simple minded protagonist here feltlike a cloddish plot device tha

  8. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    CONTAINS SPOILERS I.E HIGHLY INSULTING REMARKS ABOUT THE LAST PART OF THE BOOK Uh oh Last thing I want to do is fall out with my bookfacingoodreadinfingerlickin friends such as Donald and Jessica, both of whom think this is so good you have to invent a new word for it, good just isn t good enough, brillia

  9. D. Pow D. Pow says:

    I have been thinking how much a good book is like an organic thing When the proper level of alchemical transformation is reached between a skilled author at the top of his game and a reader with the proper level of receptivity and empathy then something new and wonderful is birthed You are no longer dealing w

  10. Seemita Seemita says:

    War is the father of all and king of all Some he shows as gods, others as men Some he makes slaves and others, free But how does one differentiate between The Slave and The Free Is that Man a slave, whose captivity by the victor frees him of his worldly expectations Or should we call that Man, free who has no kin

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