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A Human Boy With An Uncanny Link To Computers Finds Danger And Discovery On The Rings Of Orbis In This Riveting Sci Fi AdventureThirteen Year Old Johnny Turnbull Has Always Known There Was Something Different About Him, Even Before He And Two Hundred Other Kids Landed On The First Ring Of Orbis But Once Their Spaceship Lands, He Is Identified As The First Ever Softwire A Human With The Ability To Enter And Communicate With Computers Through His Mind And Becomes The Focus Of Intergalactic Intrigue Johnny And The Rest Of The Refugee Orphans Are Put To Work In Alien Factories, And Very Quickly Things Go Very Wrong When The All Knowing, All Controlling, And Technologically Perfect Central Computer Starts Malfunctioning, Suspicious Eyes Turn To Johnny Is He The One Responsible This Action Packed, Fast Paced Sci Fi Novel Will Keep Kids On The Edge Of Their Seats The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1

About the Author: P.J. Haarsma

A lot about The Softwire comes from my own experiences growing up No, I never traveled on a seed ship to Orbis but I did feel like I was a slave working in my parents ceramic factory as a teenager In the summer I would slug 50lbs molds around while standing in a room with kilns firing at 1400 degrees It wasn t fun and at the time I really resented my parents for it I felt used and not in cont

10 thoughts on “The Softwire: Virus on Orbis 1

  1. Denae Christine Denae Christine says:

    It was amazing except for a few things that were left out Kids wouldn t look for them, wouldn t need them, but I felt there wasn t enough detail about the rings and Orbis 1 Half the time, even when JT was awake, it felt like he was dreaming because there didn t always seem to quite be enough concrete objects

  2. Jaime the Wizzard Jaime the Wizzard says:

    I m going to be completely honest with y all the only reason I downloaded and read this book is because Nathan Fillion tweeted about it If I can t trust Captain Tightpants to recommend good books who can I trust Anyways, this book was really engaging right from the get go If you ve ever played a board game call

  3. Laine The Librarian Laine The Librarian says:

    Traveling is the best You get to see different views, seek new life forms, and when you are traveling in a spaceship through the stars, the vastness of space is something to die for.Except the children aboard a spaceship heading towards a Ring called Orbis didn t except their parents to die The only parent the chi

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    My ten year old son is reading this aloud to meour Summer Reading Program Really enjoying it so far Alas, when we finished, I almost felt relieved because my son wasn t as into the story as we both we originally Overall, I thought the descriptions left much to be desiredmy son asked me many times, So, what do you thi

  5. Vicki Vicki says:

    Welp, this was interesting I mean, it s not high science fiction by any stretch of the imagination the characters are wooden, the plot feels contrived in some places, and overall it s just not an exciting novel to read at all I found myself skimming over some parts especially the dreams and wondering why they had to be

  6. CuriousLibrarian CuriousLibrarian says:

    It is wonderful to see hard sci fi being written for children again It is something that is seen to rarely these days This book is interesting and competently done, and I would recommend it to children in grade 4 7.However, as a caveat to that, it is certainly a flawed book First it wears its influences on its sleeves, tho

  7. Jacob Jacob says:

    The Softwire Virus on Orbis 1 Book ReviewThe Softwire Virus on Orbis 1 by PJ Haarsma is a science fiction story about a human boy with the ability to interact with computers using his mind This novel can be considered an underdog story because although at the beginning many view Johnny Turnbull as insane due to his ability, b

  8. Kathy Martin Kathy Martin says:

    In this middle grade science fiction story, all the adults died on the spaceship that was taking them to Orbis That left two hundred embryos The computer Mother brought them to birth in two batches Johnny, or JT as he s known to his friends, is the only one who has a younger sister who was part of the second batch JT is also the

  9. Michael Michael says:

    This is an enjoyable science fiction read that is not only good for adults, but late elementary school to junior high kids will also enjoy It s unusual at least for me to find a book the whole family can enjoy without one set feeling as if it is too dumbed down for the younger set to understand and annoy the parents, nor too detail

  10. Tom Malinowski Tom Malinowski says:

    One of the successful sci fi books for younger readers Aboard Johnny s ship, all the parents have died due to an accident, and the ship enabled the embryos to be hatched, so all their lives the children have never known any authority except, their ship, Mother When they finally reach the fabled rings of Orbis, their lives are thrown

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