Viva Posada!: A Salute to the Great Printmaker of the

Viva Posada!: A Salute to the Great Printmaker of the Mexican Revolution Because of the high quality and the quantity of his art, Jose Guadalupe Posada is the one Mexican printmaker who has acquired posthumous and international fame Posada was at his peak at the turn of the th century, during the closing years of the Diaz dictatorship He has long been recognized as one of the personifications of the ensuing Mexican Revolution, which he did not live to se e completed He illustrated many broadsides of revolutionary ballads, printed on cheap paper and sold for centavos in the streets from the Introduction by Carlos Cortez Published on the th anniversary of Posada s birth , this book featuresof the finest works by the great popular engraver and relief etcher who inspired not only the Mexican muralists but also the international Surrealist movement as well as poster artists and radical cartoonists from all over the world Also included here are excerpts from classic texts on the artist by Jean Charlot, Jose Clemente Orozco, Frida Kahlo, Andre Breton and others, as well as statements by poets and artists of our own time Dennis Brutus, Rikki Ducornet, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Franklin Rosemont, Joseph Jablonski, Ted Joans, Casandra Stark Mele, and many all published here for the first time My first well, only to date published poem is included here. Artists and thinkers and poets reflect on the work and influence of jose guadalupe posada A lot here though it does represent posada s influence on the mexican muralist movement, it is mostly a collection of short thoughts and comments of the celibrated printmaker.

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