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Warfare Welfare This Edited Volume Reveals How A Permanent War Economy Has Made The United States Unable To Spread Democracy Abroad And Has Worsened Domestic Problems The Editors Draw From Classical Readings In Political Theory, From Primary Documents Including Key Court Decisions , And From Social Science Research To Analyze Such Issues As The Effect Of Militarization And Combativeness On The Everyday Lives Of Americans The Editors Also Address The Dire Connection Among Banking Losses, The Housing Recession, The Welfare National Security State, And The Challenge Of Rebuilding America S InfrastructureRaskin And Squires Ultimately Conclude That Only By Making War An Unattractive Option And Dismantling The Warfare System Can Meaningful Progress Be Made On The Current Foreign And Domestic Challenges Facing The United States They Also Offer Steps To Replace The Warfare System, Outlining The Ideological And Material Transformations Necessary For Peace Students Of Political Science, Sociology, History, And Law Will Find This A Thought Provoking, Forward Thinking Contribution Concerning America S Future At Home And Abroad

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  1. Randall Wallace Randall Wallace says:

    Just 8% of our nuclear arsenal would wipe out China and Russia, leaving 92% of it behind as overkill for a rainy day, presumably in case Grenada gets uppity again, or we get invaded by Monaco Washington D.C was laid out with big radiating streets by the French architect L Enfant to ensure that the armies could control and shoot at the mobs if

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