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Peter Parker was a normal teenager until a bite from an irradiated spider granted him incredible arachnid like powers He possesses superhuman strength, reflexes and equilibrium the ability to cling to most surfaces and a spider sense warning him of impending danger Living by the mantra with great power comes great responsibility, Parker donned the costume of Spider Man and dedicated his life to fighting evil wherever it may lurk.A maniacal manifestation of Norman Osborn s chemical induced insanity, the Green Goblin has done than any other villain to wreck the web slinger s world He has consistently terrorized Peter Parker s friends and loved ones, bringing a personal element to an already dangerous confrontation Once believed dead, Norman has recently resurfaced, deadly than ever before.The Green Goblin is on the loose Having restored a portion of his sanity, Norman Osborn has vowed revenge on his most constant source of misery the amazing Spider Man As the Goblin enacts his devious plan, Peter grapples with his own sanity, trying desperately to stave off the psychological assault prepared by his mortal enemy Can Spidey escape the mind numbing effects of Norman s latest attack or will he be the latest victim of the Green Goblin s corruption Collects Revenge of the Green Goblin 1 3 Amazing Spider Man Vol 2 25 Peter Parker Spider Man Vol 2 25 Spider-Man

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