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Who Is God? Who Am I? Who Are You? How much do you know about yourself asks the author in her first chapter This brilliant little book is about growing up psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually Based on the teachings of inspired early Christian fathers, it describes the God potential of every person and how to bring it about in everyday life In a refreshing and clear style, the author deals with such issues as self image, decision making, false guilt, the gift of sex, responsibility, prayer, and God s immense love for every human being Written as a guide to self knowledge for young people, this contribution to basic Christian psychology is extremely useful also for adults who are seeking God s way

10 thoughts on “Who Is God? Who Am I? Who Are You?

  1. Fr. Luke Mihaly Fr. Luke Mihaly says:

    An excellent book that makes the writings of the early Church easily accesssible She has a gift for using examples that are understandable to our modern life and will, at times, bring a smile to your face Dee Pennock has a knack for revealing how someone who lived in a desert hundred of years ago has an insight into how we as modern Christians should live our lives Do not be fooled, thoug

  2. Brian Brian says:

    2 stars Ok, actually 2.5 stars I wanted to like this book muchIt s received a lot of praise as a psychological and spiritual guide to self awareness from an Orthodox Christian perspective written for young people I m not a young person but I grabbed this from our church library in order to acquire some insights for parenting There are a lot of good applicable insights, but the book needs s

  3. James Gazay James Gazay says:

    Wonderful book, having been an Orthodox Monk for over 20 years now, this is one book I return to over and over again This is a book I would reccomend to any type of Christian Orthodox, Roman Catholic or Protestant, beginner, intermediate or advanced this one should have a place on everyone coffee table or be read once a year during Lent Truly remarkable and a real classic of psychological C

  4. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Another classic read from Dee Pennock Although this book is gearedfor young adults I found it to be very informative Any age group can relate to the sins and passions she describes While this subject matter could be very dense, she gives lots of examples even drawings to help us understand.

  5. Tim Mitchell Tim Mitchell says:

    Excellent, helpful, spiritual insight into a life committed to becominglike Christ Strongly recommend

  6. Rob Shand Rob Shand says:

    Such an easily accessible text to grow closer to God Must say it s a bit dated, however, taken with discernment this can be a very beneficial book.

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