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Wings of Light Learn to fight Pass my trials Stay alive As long as I can keep my supernatural origins hidden, my life is simple It s just my best friend and me against the world, eating dried Ramen and peas, watching reality TV, and laying low in the city that never sleeps That is until Draven, a dangerously attractive hunter, tracks me down and kidnaps me He s with the Obsidian Order, and he gives me a choice join their ranks or die All I have to do is pass a series of deadly trials, competing against a bunch of supernaturals who want me dead Sounds easy, right There s one problem with that I have no memories of my past, which means I don t have the skills to compete Now, I have to learn magic fast because I ve been promised my best friend will die if I fail, and if we both die, the secret we re carrying could fall into the wrong hands Then it s all over Wings of Light is a fast paced urban fantasy, with characters that ll make you laugh, gripping scenes that ll make you frantically turn pages to find out what happens next, and sizzling romance that ll leave you wanting

About the Author: Katerina Martinez

Katerina Martinez is the pen name of a husband and wife writing duo living on the Rock of Gibraltar By day Katerina that s her on the picture, by the way takes care of their five year old daughter and three cats, brainstorming ideas and writing down story beats while Lee works his nine to five in a big office to bring home the bacon But by night the pair team up to put their ideas together, and when their story is in firmly within their crosshairs they take to their keyboards and bring it all to life.Pooling their individual strengths to create a single, unified force, Katerina and Lee vaulted into their very first series the Amber Lee Mysteries, a Paranormal New Adult series in September of 2014 Nine months later, they re celebrating the release of their fourth book in the series, with plans to finish all eight books by Halloween of 2015 After that, who knows They know You can readabout their work and get a free sample of it on their website

10 thoughts on “Wings of Light

  1. Katie Katie says:

    Not for meI just could not get into this book The premise that they are from another dimension and fell through a rift and can t remember their time in the other side is pretty cool and I like that there are natives like vampires etc What I didn t like is that our MC seemed juvenile to me She and draven had unnecessary moments of fighting against each other Mostly I got annoyed when she

  2. Penny Penny says:

    I have come to really like this author s writing, and I was given access to this first novel in a series I hadn t read yet Seline is an interesting character, especially how she takes such good care of Fate who is interesting but not quite developed much in this book I really didn t like Draven He is really harsh, especially in the beginning, and I think his approach to the conscription of being

  3. Shasha Shasha says:

    A messI was disappointed after expecting an awesome story from the high reviews This plot is a chaotic mess The snarky heroine talks big but is clueless The typos were distracting Too much randomness without explanation to keep me interested.Read in KU

  4. JadeShea JadeShea says:

    Wings of Light begins when the heroine is captured and taken to the Obsidian Order She is forced to undergo trials in order to keep herself and her best friend alive However, nothing may be what it seems As her powers start to come to light, things get strange andunsettling for the heroine I liked this one, however, it did have some parts that were a tad bit annoying, and the heroine really gave up easily on thin

  5. Missy Brown Missy Brown says:

    Wings of Light introduces a new series by Katerina I enjoyed this new start very much If you would like a fun new series to start on with Fairies, this promises to be a good one As usual the world building was as it usually is with Katerina s books, engaging from the start The characters are fun and interesting The plot will keep your interest The female lead is just how i like them, fiesty and head strong There are some

  6. Abbie Abbie says:

    Thrilling readSix rating Katerina loaded this novel with serious ass kicking fight scenes between intergalactic magickal species, threat of drama or death to many, and her own special brand of fun that made this a joy to read Some scenes were laugh out loud funny while others had me cringing and trying to duck the next punch The stellar writing puts you right there with the characters, makes you care about them The sights, sounds

  7. Seraphia Seraphia says:

    Wings of Light by Katerina Martinez takes us into a new world in the first book in The Obsidian Order series Earth remains, but there are rifts that are bringing other creatures to mingle with the supes who live here already Their magic disguises them so that they appear human, but human instinct lets humans know that these human look alikes are not human, but something different Seline is one of those creatures She s been on Earth for 10

  8. Emma Emma says:

    Started off strong had some really good action scenes but was a bit hmm i cant find the right word but grating or hard to get through the rest of the time and the whole romance angle seems so bizarre and off and idk i love the main plot idea but its just executed in a way that rubs me wrong and the romance element seriously doesnt sit well with me at all and seems really dark pun unintended lol like yeah yuck itd be 2 stars if the story concept wer

  9. Katrina Katrina says:

    I actively disliked this book I appreciate that the author has invested a lot of time and effort into writing the story and I am very grateful we continue to have authors willing to write In that vein I try to focus on positive things in my reviews to showcase books to people with different reading preferences to myself This story aggravated me The main character was forcible kidnapped and led to believe she was conscripted into a war and would die if she w

  10. Kristen Lewendon Kristen Lewendon says:

    Holy wow This is a completely different take on supernatural creatures The detailed descriptions painted vivid pictures in my mind I could see the story happening as I read it The plot twists and turns and doubles back on itself leaving the reader wondering just what exactly is going to happen next My mind boggles at how I m supposed to put into words just how amazing this was without giving away the best parts of the plot That s made evendifficult for me because th

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