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Women in a River Landscape As West German society increasingly took on a gloss of economic well being, Boll s trenchant novels cut through the sleek outward show to reveal festering fears and suppurating physic states excluding poison into the system WOMEN IN A RIVER LANDSCAPE brings this process to a fierce, fince culmination

About the Author: Heinrich Böll

Heinrich B ll became a full time writer at the age of 30 His first novel, Der Zug war p nktlich The Train Was on Time , was published in 1949 Many other novels, short stories, radio plays, and essay collections followed In 1972 he received the Nobel Prize for Literature for his writing which through its combination of a broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization has contributed to a renewal of German literature He was the first German born author to receive the Nobel Prize since Hermann Hesse in 1946 His work has been translated intothan 30 languages, and he is one of Germany s most widely read authors.

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    Frauen vor Flusslandschaft Roman in Dialogen und Selbstgespr chen Women in a River Landscape, Heinrich B ll Erika is the first artist to appear on stage She is dressed in a house suit and a newspaper in her hand, behind the breakfast table As West German society increasingly took on a gloss of economic well being, Bol

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    I have nowhere to begin, so I ll just jump into something resembling coherency Heinrich Boll was a writer I had only a passing acquaintance with I remember ALMOST buying a copy of The Clown in a used book shop in Jerusalem and, for reasons I can t quite articulate I felt as though he d be one of those great writers that would always exist

  5. Robert Wechsler Robert Wechsler says:

    I have soured on extensive dialogue in novels we get enough of it in drama, film, television, and life Why can t narrative be primarily narrative See my dialogue free novel, Sandra Ives, Thomas Ives But if you re going to do dialogue, you might as well go all the way, as Heinrich B ll does in this Novel in Dialogues and Soliloquies The first hal

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    Well, I started, but just could not work up enough interest in these lovely ladies and gave up This book was on the list for my book club, otherwise I doubt I would have come across it Too many other things I am trying to get round to reading, so this one went fairly swiftly on to the not my cup of tea shelf.

  8. Isabel Isabel says:

    Es ist schwer der Handlung zu folgen, weil einfach alles in Dialogen und Selbstgespr chen geschrieben ist und ich mich nicht gut genug mit der Geschichte auskenne, um alles zu verstehen Aber B ll zeichnet ein interessantes und kritisches Bild der Nachkriegszeit.

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