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Writing to Sell High quality writing and marketing counsel from well known agent Scott Meredith with updated marketing information

10 thoughts on “Writing to Sell

  1. Alma Alma says:

    50 years out of date.On the modern market, this book is junk I m so sorry I threw money out the window to buy it Just stay away from it, it contains nothing the modern writer can t get better andof on the internet.

  2. Emma Sea Emma Sea says:

    The original version is 40 years old, but I still got a lot out of this EspeciallyThe desire to write the editor and tell him he s a moron will be so strong you may have to lock yourself up in a closet for a few hours until you get over it Replace editor with random person on the internet and that s the best advice I ve received this year.

  3. Keith Hughes Keith Hughes says:

    In all honesty I would give this book 3.5 stars, but I rounded up WHY CAN T WE DO HALF STARS, GOODREADS The latest edition of this book was published in 1995, over two decades ago, and it shows The digital age was in its infancy then, and it is conspicuous in its general absence Only a few mentions exist of computers or word processors in the entire book The first section of the book, The

  4. Andrew Andrew says:

    Meredith gives incredibly helpful comments about the building blocks of plot It doesn t bother with the squishy, non critical writing advice a whole lot of books do that makes people feel good about themselves, and it focuses heavily on plot to a degree I imagine many Literary Fiction authors would disapprove of The whole book has a lot of value, but the section on plot and the sections tyi

  5. Sarah Rigg Sarah Rigg says:

    I read a rash of books on the craft of writing when I was in my 20s My journal notes from this time say I thought Meredith was a hack but that there was something to his suggestion about the idea of the plot skeleton.

  6. Eric Eric says:

    I first heard of WRITING TO SELL when reading Peter V Brett s blog His debut novel, THE WARDED MAN, was incredible, so when I hear that he used WRITING TO SELL as a tool to help make his novel what it was, I immediately became interested WRITING TO SELL is a perfect name for this book It s about how to write a book that will attract the attention of an editor or publisher and result in a cont

  7. Victoria Victoria says:

    There are a lot of books out there about writing, filled with age old truisms and not so truisms Some are helpful, otherswellless so Writing To Sell was highly recommended to me by an old mentor of mine who had recently started writing a lengthy work of fiction It s easy to understand why.This is an easy read, full of practical advice Much of it is dated, particularly in the context of the pub

  8. Chandler Brett Chandler Brett says:

    Succinct wisdom on the essentials of planning, writing, the old model of publishing, and editing A must read even if you know much of what s inside, for writers should not wander astray from this advice.Keep your story moving steadily, believably, and inexorably forward from the inciting problem through each new connected complication toward the ultimate crisis and the final fitting solution Au

  9. Ryoku Light Ryoku Light says:

    Writing to Sell by Scott Meredith I ve been really into writing lately and started to entertain the idea of selling them to publishers So I went to the library and checked this book out It is a very easy, one sitting type of read It is full of some useful information and some.not so useful information I really think it s a great start on the subject but I m probably going to doresearch since thi

  10. Barbara Richardson Barbara Richardson says:

    Easy to read in one sitting Not so very enlightening This classic gets three stars because it would be really informative for a new writer I learned one new thing Dialogue should make up 20% of a fiction manuscript Any , and the dialogue is carrying too much weight That s handy to know, as a guideline from a seasoned editor.

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