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Anna is a professional escort with a disturbing and supernatural secret something she is scarcely able to understand herself, let alone explain to others Despite her adoring clientele, she leaves her career behind when given the opportunity to take control of an underground circle of fetishistic materialists, who provide her with an unprecedented source of money and power While others are oblivious to her past, a former client is slowly piecing together the clues, but becomes dangerously infatuated with her in the process Will his obsession lead him to inadvertently discover the truth that lies behind her many methods of disguise Meanwhile, a new lover is slowly drawn into Anna s inner social circle, placing yet pressure upon her to find a way to preserve her true identity But not every secret can be kept forever Zero Anaphora

About the Author: Luke Brimblecombe

Started writing during last year of high school, producing a novella that wasn t read bythan a few people 2001 Studied Philosophy and Linguistics at Auckland university, and produced a fantasy novel that again, didn t get much exposure but was a significant learning milestone 2004 After ten years of being focussed on other activities music, gaming, work finally self published the psychological thriller Zero Anaphora as an e book and softcover 2014.

10 thoughts on “Zero Anaphora

  1. Rachel Barnard Rachel Barnard says:

    Professional escort turned financial domination expert, Anna has a secret so different, no one but Stephen can understand This secret allows Anna to get the personal thoughts and feelings from those around her in an underhanded way so that she can wreak her havoc and mischief on the world She is a drinker and a smoker and can dress to kill, bringing al

  2. Kristen Kristen says:

    Taken from my review onThink a twisted 50 Shades of Grey with body controlling voodoo, material girls, and testing psychological gender boundaries, and you ve got Zero Anaphora a kind of reductive list, but it works It is a completely unpredictable and eye opening experience There were a few lulls in the middle of the book, but it s totally worth getting

  3. Julie (HufflepuffGirl90) Julie (HufflepuffGirl90) says:

    Interesting premise but a no go for me.

  4. Sarah Lam Sarah Lam says:

    Really liked this book and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys an exciting and well researched story.

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